Top Five Expectations to Set When Preparing For an Aboard Homestay Student’s Arrival

Top Five Expectations to Set When Preparing For an Aboard Homestay Student's Arrival

Top Five Expectations to Set When Preparing For an Aboard Homestay Student’s Arrival

Accommodating an International Homestay student can be very thrilling and rewarding experience for both, the student and the host family. If this is your next job, you might found that the great way to inflate the experience is to communicate expectations ahead of time.

Below are the Top Five Expectations you can talk:

#1 Do a perfect prepare the student’s bedroom/living area

You wouldn’t go overboard and furnish the room with overprices furniture. The stuff just must be in great condition and cozy but not expensive to replace. In the first meeting make a clear statement that the students have responsibility while inhabiting the space and access needs. You may have such as need to change the bed sheets every week.

#2 Make a rule of safety and set of keys

You can take a refundable deposit around $70 just in case you have to replace the keys. Loose the keys and the students loose the deposit. You must also discuss your preference of locking the door whenever leaving the house whether or not people is home. Here is a secret: attach a War Amps tag to the keychain with the keys. This action make you will have a greater chance of your keys getting refunded if someone culprit drops it in the mail box.

#3 Make an emergency contact details.

In this list you can write your own contact details, who to call in a critical situation, where the nearest clinic and walk-in hospitals are. Make a small card with all the above details and give it to every student to include in their wallet.

#4 Make a communication with their parents about your upcoming homestay.

Getting by-in from other close family members about your forthcoming hosting experience will offered you with the support you need in case you need help if you are ever out of town and need someone to check in on the student.

#5 Correspond with your student prior to arrival

This action is depends on the ESL School and possibly not always an option, whether they provides you with the students contact information. But you ask them, this is not hurt somebody. Some of the matters you can ask are food allergies. This also gives the Students Family to get to recognize you and who their kids will be living with. This action will make the first meeting less awkward when the student come.
Do a preparation the above communication and activities will make the forthcoming 4-6 weeks of interaction enjoyable and productive. You will open up a room for both of you to share your habits.

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