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The homestay is located in a very beautiful and mesmerizing Patlekhet.If you are looking for a peaceful and green environment far away from the urban civilization, but feasible to reach in a few hours – Patlekhet Homestay serves the perfect characteristics of such request. Located on the side of Sindhuli highway, one of the most beautiful highways in Nepal, Patlekhet Homestay has opened 18 houses for the travelers from around the world. Established with the motto “Far from your home but close to your heart”, Patlekhet Homestay offers this sensation of living in an authentic experience, like you shall only receive in a home. Being an organic farming village, here you can enjoy organic foods, fruit, vegetables and various menus of organic products. Besides organic consumption, there are a lot of things to do in the Homestay. You can enjoy the folk songs, cultural dance and many other traditional activities with the local people. ‘Panche Baja’, a set of traditional music instruments, almost extinticing musical instrument, is the main attraction of the culture show. A breathtaking mountain view of Mt. Jugal, Mt. Ganesh and other mountains make your stay even better. Terrace farming and organic agricultural farm can be interesting to know about the traditional agricultural system of Nepal, especially dairy production and chicken farm. Patlekhet is a perfect choice for your perfect stay where nature, culture and tradition meet at a place.
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